Mobile App Projects

I Make Apps!

Under the dual Partnership of Ashes Droid Publishing and Neurogenesis Holistic Lab, LLC (aka NGHL), I design and publish mobile applications! The first and most recently published of my projects is called: ALOHA Cards. It was developed with NGHL's own Elise Walker (


Designed to be your Coach On The Go

Learning Behavioral Skills is great. But sometimes you don't have time to call someone, make an appointment, wait for a couple hours - best case scenario - and then get help. In other cases, it's not the time that it takes but the money that it can cost! Do I really have to pay for a session EVERY TIME I want advice or need help thinking through a problem?? No!

Now it is in the palm of your hands.

Visit to learn more!

Currently available to download on The App Store*, ALOHA Cards is your unlimited gateway to Behavioral Skills

The app is designed with CBT, DBT, ACT, and Chain Analysis skills as the core. Elise Walker from AZ Crossroads, co-founder of NGHL, was the primary creator for the content of the skills and coaching methods in the app. I helped design and organize the content. I also contributed some coaching methods of my own. You can download it for iOS* on The App Store and for Android on the Google Play** store.

Other Projects in Progress

Planning Stages

Project Codename: Paternal Query

In the early stages, this is going to be an interactive story that branches out. More details to come in the future.

Planning Stages

Project Codename: Homework

This is going to be an interactive application where you can fill out, read, and save worksheets. They will be based on the worksheets I have posted and created on this website. It is going to be a way to make the sheets interactive, without needing a printer or PDF reader/editor.
It will be a One Time paid app.

Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps

None of The Apps We Publish Gather Any Data That Can Identify You

It's really that simple.

I do not develop mobile applications that require you to fill out personal info. I don't have systems put in place that gather information on you or dig into your phone's or tablet's records. When we use mobile apps, we appreciate anonymity and privacy. We think you should have that with our mobile apps. So our privacy policy is this:

We don't gather any private info and do not store any info on servers.

Plain as that.

For support or inquiries, please email me at where all things about our Mobile Apps are addressed. Thank you!

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